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Ever since I can remember, my parents inspired me to work hard and to give back to others. Our neighborhoods, our families, and our children are most important. That means a community that recognizes the value, worth and potential of every resident. A community where everyone feels safe. A community that recognizes and works to bring our homeless neighbors home. A community where residents work and can afford to buy a home. A community that values and protects open spaces, and a community that lives up to the promise of many, and not just the few. Join me on the journey to building the best version of our city!


    Support Kelvin Driscoll for Santa Clarita City Council

    Election day is coming up fast. We are building a grassroots campaign and we need your support. Your contribution will benefit Kelvin Driscoll for Santa Clarita City Council.

    I was born & raised
    in California - where Community, Family, and Children are most important.

    My parents inspired me to work hard and give back to others. Now, I’m watching my little girl grow up, and I want the best for her just like my parents wanted for me. I want a city where my kids know they are supported and valued; a city where they feel safe to play, go to school, and dream big!

    Kelvin Driscoll

    This is why I’ve dedicated my education and career to public service and to improving the quality of life for my community.

    I’m ready to serve you and would be honored to represent you on the Santa Clarita City Council. Vote for me on November 3rd. Let’s work together to make this vision our reality.

    Now, I’m ready to work harder and give more:
    Addressing the public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
    Solving our city’s homeless and housing affordability challenges
    Realizing racial equity in our city; not just in words, but in representation
    Accountability in policing, including the mandatory use of body cameras
    Investing in our infrastructure and our residents
    Crafting a vision for the future of our city

    Kelvin Driscoll
    Candidate for Santa Clarita City Council


    Kelvin Driscoll

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